Mark your calendars now for our spring Concerts , May 2nd, 3rd and 5th


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Do you sing with a group now that doesn't use members for solos? Under the direction of Alex Favazza Jr., the society will begin its 64th fall semester of singing choral music in the Seacoast. 

Open Rehearsals will return : 7PM-9PM

September 8 and 15, Cooperative Middle School  in Stratham NH

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Come to one of our first few open rehearsals each semester and check us out! Over 16?, Liked singing back in school? Do you know any junior or senior students high school students who want to sing or stayed in the area after high school but still want to sing in a chorus?? How about all you people who like to sing in musicals but aren't doing one this spring? Expand your repertoire!! Improve your skills and musical knowledge.

Dues, and participation in our fund raising activities are waived for full time students(school comes first).

Soloists are chosen from the membership !
A brief audition in private with the director is all that is required. (You don't need to prepare anything. See below for the whole process)
If you have questions you can send our director an email by clicking here , or going to the contact page to ask.

Where and When do you rehearse?.
We rehearse on Tuesday evenings 7 p.m.-9 p.m.
(students can leave at 8:00)

Auditions are held during the first 2 weeks of open rehearsals and will be arranged by the director.
Our Spring semester begins the first Tuesday after new years, and the winter semester usually begins the first Tuesday after labor day. Mark your calendar and come on down and sit in for the first few weeks. TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT!

You will be assigned a buddy in your vocal range, who will share their music with you while you try us out.

Sign-ups for auditions are taken at the conclusion of each open rehearsal

Who can audition?
Anyone who enjoys singing should audition! Our choir members have many levels of experience and expertise.
Although experience and knowledge of music theory and fundamentals are not required, all members are expected to be able to sing on pitch, in accurate rhythm, and demonstrate a capacity to learn and perform vocal music. It is beneficial to have some previous choral experience in a large or small group such as a school, church, or other community choir.

Auditions are open to all persons in the community without regard to race, age, creed, color, religion, gender, marital status, sexual preference, national origin, ancestry, or physical disability.

Why do I have to audition at all?

To put it simply, we need to know where to put you.
But also..., the Rockingham Choral Society (RCS) has a policy of utilizing soloists and small ensemble singers from within the RCS membership. This is possible since the choir has a number of singers with varying levels of experience and expertise. RCS utilizes an audition process to ensure the best possible use of our in-house talents and produce a well-balanced and blended Choral sound and performance.

What exactly is the initial audition process?

We understand that the idea of an audition can be nerve-wracking. Relax! We’ll do our best to make the process as painless as possible.
Initial audition for membership will be a simple five to ten minute process with only the Director. You will be asked about your music and choral experience. Then, you will perform some vocal exercises to determine tonal quality, ability to match pitch, and range. Finally, you will be asked to sight read some simple musical phrases or maybe sing a little harmony with the director.

Financial Commitment

Dues are only $50 per semester and are waived for High School Students and can be waived for regular members  if there is financial hardship. everyone is expected to reimburse the Society for music purchased for them and is usually around $25 per semester

Learn More

So if you have any questions about joing us, use this link to send an email directly to our president.